Islamic Systems

images - 2019-04-17T211712.422.jpegMan has experienced and invented many things inculding man-made systems like Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy, Secularism, Communism, Liberalism and Fascism etc.  The solutions that emanate from such systems breed more problems instead of solving them. As these systems do not have permanent solutions, the reason is that human beings have limited vision and incapable of formulating solutions that will address all problems. For example, the freedom of capitalism has caused imbalance in society due to this difference where few people are rich and deprive a significant amount of people from rightful wealth distributions increasing poverty.

Despite the best efforts of man these systems have failed to establish social justice. As these ideologies are purely materialistic, devoid of spirituality, divine guidance and moral values, Not only that they have failed to deliver but have placed the humanity at peril. These ideologies are dying.

Conversely, Islam has a solution of it. One might think why only Islam not other? The answer to this is that the creator who knows our thirst and hunger better than us. So the laws for humanity are revealed by the merciful Creator, and therefore, has solutions to all of humanity’s problems. Allah is absolutely capable of determining the proper solutions that will satisfy human needs. Definitely, His system will guarantee peace and bring justice on earth and mankind has already witnessed it.

Islam has a unique exception on the concept of wealth, its ownership and distribution. For example, Wealth in Islam is not an end in itself, but a means to higher values. It should be earned, invested and spent in the correct avenues. It should be in circulation that’s the reason Zakaat system is mandatory on those people who possess some appropriate amount of wealth. Islam has guidelines on all aspects of life e.g family system, social systems, political and economical systems. Even criminal laws of islam bit harsh but these are essential to curb crimes. Today lack of such laws the crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world and this became a growing concern around the globe.

However, when discussing Islam as a solution for humanity’s problems, it should be with the belief that the creator /God knows our problems inside out. The benefits of the Islamic system are mere by-products of obeying Allah. The real value of Islam is the ability to gain Allah’s pleasure. This must be the first and foremost idea of solving humanity’s problems.


4 responses to “Islamic Systems

  1. Yes,
    You are absolutely right, that we must first put Allah’s pleasure and Total Obedience before our benefit. JazakAllah Khair for the enlightening article.
    By the way, is there Islamic Finance available in your place – Mumbai?

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  2. Wa Iyaaka. Alhamdulilah now here people are actually realising the importance of Islamic finance and banking (non interest bank) . And are more aware than before. Few banks have implemented these systems. Hope it goes well in a long term. Thanks


  3. Well said and very pertinent in these times. Also not many know that many modern legal concepts such as justice, equity and good conscience were reportedly taken from Shariat. Europeans learnt many Islamic principles by interacting with Ottomans. JazakAllah Khair

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