Qur’anic Chapter Khaf And Friday

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“Whoever reads Soorat al-Kahf on Friday, Allah will bestow upon him light between those two Fridays. (al-Bayhaqi)

In another narration, the Prophet said, “Whoever reads Surat al-Kahf as it was revealed, there will be a light for him on the Day of Resurrection.(al-Sunan al-Kubra)

Surat Al-Kahf was revealed in Makkah. Many Ahadeeth confirm the virtues of this Surah. As we are recommended to read Surah khaf on Friday. It is said that it will protect and save us from the fitnah of dajjal (anti Christ), trials and afflictions. The first and the last ten Ayahs provide protection from Dajjal. It is pivotal to understand that Surat Al-Kahf is not just a magical spell that will serve as a shield against the Antichrist. Rather, the comprehension of its underlying meaning and application of the suggested measures will save us from Dajjal.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh stated: “Whoever memorizes ten Ayahs from the beginning of Surat Al-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjal.” (Muslim, Abu Dawood, An-Nasai and At-Tirmidhi)

This Surah was revealed in answer to the questions which was posed by the pagans of Mecca to test prophet pbuh. As Makkan phase can be divided into four stages, that was the third period. It was the era of religious persecution of believers. Many times to the point of being ill- treated and oppressed due to their faith. Allah, however, not only gave them a complete answer to their questions but also drew their attention by those stories to take heed from it. The conflict was going on at that time in Makkah between believers and disbelievers. As muslims were least in number. That’s why they were intentionally practising patience in such distressing situations to achieve their goal. They very well knew that if they retaliate, they would be easily overpowered. So couldn’t risk their lives, because they were the carriers of Islam—they had to take the religion forward.

In Surah khaf, there are four stories which we get the insught from these stories to face the trials and afflictions.

1. Trial of Faith – Young People of the Cave/ Ashabu Al-Kahf (Verses 9 – 26)

2. Trial of Wealth – The story of the Rich and the Poor (Verses 32 – 44)

3. Trial of Knowledge – Moses and Al-Khidr (Verses 60–82)

4. Trial of Power –Dhul-Qar-nayn with Yajuj Majuj (Verses 83–98)

Let’s explore each along with lessons we get from each story.

1.”The people of the cave” : It’s the story of young men who lived in a disbelieving town, so they decided to migrate to save their imaan and took refuge in the cave. Allah mentions the word “fityah” (plural of fata)- young boys to draw the attention that they were young people who had firm faith in Allah. But they did not follow the people blindly but thought rationally. In every society and culture there are trenda and precedents presents and people tend to follow them unknowingly. And people don’t dare to follow against them. So here thses young men though powerless and weak still troed to preserved their faith.

▪︎ Lesson of this story is the ‘Trial of Faith’

2. “The owner of two gardens” : A story of a man whom Allah blessed with two beautiful gardens, but the man forgot to thank the One who blessed him with everything and he even dared to doubt Allah regarding the afterlife. So his garden was destroyed – he regretted it, but was too late and his regret did not benefit him.

▪︎ Lesson of this story: ‘Trial of wealth’

3. “Musa pbuh and Khidr pbuh” : When Musa pbuh was asked “Who is the most knowledgeable of the people of Earth?” Musa pbuh said that it was him as he assumed he was the only prophet on Earth at the time. But Allah revealed to him that there’s someone who knows more than him about certain things. Musa pbuh traveled looking for him and learned how divine wisdom can sometimes be hidden in matters which we perceive as bad.

▪︎ And Lesson of this story: ‘Trial of knowledge’

And now to the FINAL one, “Global Phenomena”

4. “Dhul-Qarnayne” : Allah mentions the story of a great king who was given knowledge and power travelling the world helping people and spreading all that’s good. He was able to overcome the problem of Gog and Magog (Yajooj-Majooj) by building a massive dam with the help of people whom he could not even understand.

▪︎ Lesson of this story: ‘Trial of power’

Allah says to us four/4 kind of stories relating 4 kind of trials that we face daily in our day to day lives.

But, What is the relation between ‘Surah Kahf’ and ‘Dajjal’ ?

Dajjal will appear before the day of judgement with 4 trials:

A) He will ask people to worship him and not Allah: “Trial of faith”

B) He will be given powers to start/stop rain and tempt people with his wealth: “Trial of wealth”

C) He will tempt people with “knowledge” and news he gives them: “Trial of knowledge”

D) He will control huge parts of the Earth: “Trial of power”

Those people who sticks strong to Allah in every single aspect of their life, those people who don’t fall for the illusion, delusion, corruption and brainwashing of this world. The Dajjal has already set his foot, and entered through the midern and cultural engineering of the 20th century. It’s almost ready to take its throne. People are infested in this world from many direction.

Moreover Almighty Allah has given the SOLUTION for these Trials and Test.

1.Good companionship to build a strong Faith : To protect our faith we need to be surrounded with good people. Besides this, the believers have been taught that even if they are persecuted by a cruel society, he should not bow down before falsehood but emigrate from the place all alone, if situations demand, with trust in God. Do not blindly follow trends or customs of the society.

2. To adopt Humility as we own nothing in this world. Pride and Arrogance will come back to bite. What we need to remember is that everything we have is a mercy and a gift from Allah. We may put in hard work, but if Allah doesn’t put blessing in anything, nothing succeeds. This is why we should be thankful for what Allah has given us. In fact the Surah itself begins by saying “Alhamdulillah”.

3. Be humble and sincere in learning, Knowing the truth of this world. You should have full faith in the wisdom of what is happening in the Divine Factory in accordance with the will of Allah. The Qadar of Allah works in ways that we do not understand. When Allah takes something away from us, we should trust inHis Divine Wisdom. As it was not clear to a Prophet, allow alone people like us. However, Allah clearly wants good for us, and it is important that we trust the One who has given us everything. Allah is sole Caretaker (الرقیب/Ar-Rakib).

4. In the story of Dhul-Qarnayne,
When the people asked Dhul-Qarnayn to help them, he did not just go and help them. Rather he taught them in building and helped them himself as well. We should benefit people. Regardless of the fact that he was being victorious and constantly winning new ground for his empire, he never forgot Allah, Kept going with good deeds. That is something we should remember. In our endeavor to earn sustenance, we should never forget Allah. During our successes, we should remember Allah.

May Allah guide us and protect us from this fitnah. Ameen

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