Salaah : Come to prayers , Come to Success


alaah is the second and greatest of the practical pillar of Islam after a verbal declaration.The difference between Muslim and disbeliever is the abandonment of salah (prayers). Despite of its importance, many people fail to perform 5 times a day on its prescribed times or miss it deliberately. Why we are so negligent about our Salaah ?

Well, we perform two types of Salaah, one is like a physical activity and another is to have “Khushoo and Khuzoo” in our Salaah both are arabic words meaning concentration and humility respectively. The above two qualities are the essence and spirit of Salaat. A person performing Salaat should concentrate and show dedication in every posture of Salaat and use express humility in front of Allah. Actually, when ww bow down in prostration before Allah, so our heart should also be submissive and acknowledging Allah as our Master.

“Certainly will the believers have succeeded:

They who are during their prayer humbly submissive. [khaashi‘oon] (al-Mu’minoon 23:1-2)

Allah shows the criteria of success that those who show humility and humblenss. We all should realise the great success lies in Salaah that’s the reason Muazzin proclaims five times a day “Come to prayer ; come to Success”

Tips to be consistent in Salaah :

Once taken into account the value of attaining consistency, let us have a glimpse on tips to be consistent:

▪ Be Honest: When we pledge to follow a good act regularly and don’t abide to it, we fool none other than ourselves. So, the very first rule is to take an honest pledge within us without any hidden intention; as none can understand our capacity and capability better than ourselves.

▪ Do it daily: This is the main bond to convert a good act into consistency. And try to perform Salaah daily (no matter sometimes we lack khusok and khzoo in Salaah) as that will break consistency and so the secret of success.

▪ Inner conflict: One of the greatest distractions we may face in our path to success is our inner desires. Let us make an intention to fight our nafs; control our temptations othetwise we will slave of our nafs. Make a habit to offer Salaah in every condition.

▪ Dua: Last but not the least; the greatest quality of a Muslim is that no matter how hard he works, at the end of the day his hope is on Allah. Making a sincere intention and by renewing that intention again and again by begging Allah to help us in this great mission.

Let us ask Allah to ease and accept our efforts to come closer to Jannah and gain His pleasure in every step and following the good acts with consistency, to achieve the secret of success and ultimately Jannah (Paradise).

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