Truth or Lie ?

Human moral standards are universal and have been well-known to mankind throughout the ages. Good and evil, truth and lie these are ethical conduct not myths, moreover realities well understood by all. A sense of good and evil is inherent in the very nature of man. Hence in the terminology of the Qur’an good is called ma’ruf (a well-known thing) and evil munkar (an unknown thing); that is to say, good is known to be desirable and evil is known not to commend itself in any way.

As the Qur’an says: God has revealed to human nature the consciousness and cognition of good and evil. (Qur’an al-Shams 91:8)

A moral sense is inborn in man and, through the ages, it has served as the common man’s standard of moral behavior, approving certain qualities and condemning others. While this instinctive faculty may very from person to person, human conscience has consistently declared certain moral qualities to be good and others to be bad.

▪ Once a man came to Prophet Muhammad pbuh and said, “O Messenger of Allah, I have many bad habits. Which one of them should I give up first?” Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, “Give up telling lies first and always speak the truth.” The man promised to do so and went home.

At night the man was about to go out to steal.

Before setting out, he thought for a moment about the promise he made with Prophet Muhammad pbuh. “If tomorrow Prophet Muhammad pbuh asks me where have I been, what shall I say? Shall I say that I went out stealing? No, I cannot say that. But nor can I lie. If I tell the truth, everyone will start hating me and call me a thief. I would be punished for stealing.”

So the man decided not to steal that night, and gave up this bad habit of stealing.

Next day, he felt like drinking alcohol, when he was about to do so, he said to himself, “What shall I say to Prophet Muhammad pbuh if he asks me what did I do during the day? I cannot tell a lie, and if I speak the truth people will hate me, because a Muslim is not allowed to drink alcohol.” And so he gave up the idea of drinking alcohol.

In this way, whenever the man thought of doing something bad, he remembered his promise to tell the truth at all times. One by one, he gave up all his bad habits and became a good Muslim and a very good person.

Such is the essence of truth and the consequences of falsehood.

▪ Abu Hurayrah RA said: That the companions of the Prophet pbuh said to him, “O Messenger of Allah! Do you utter the words that excite comically?” The Prophet said, “I speak nothing but that which is true.” (i.e. even when joking, the Prophet would not lie) [At-Tirmidhi]

▪ Prphet Muhammad pbuh was a prophet despite of that he had a great sense of humour. He fully lived his life on human level.

Once he was joking with an old woman saying jokingly that NO HEAVEN FOR OLD PEOPLE

Once an old lady asked Prophet Muhammad pbuh to pray for her, so that Allah may bless her with heaven.

The Prophet said, “No old lady will enter heaven.”

She was shocked, begin crying and asked, “Why old women will not enter heaven?”

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, “Did not you read the verse of Qur’an which says. Women of heaven will be of young age.”

(Mean all people who died old will be made young first, then will enter heaven.)

▪ As related by Anas b. Malik: Once a man came to the Prophet and wanted to give him a ride on his camel. The Prophet replied: “We should give you a ride on a baby camel then.”

“O Messenger of Allah, how can I ride on a baby camel?”
The Prophet replied:

“Are not all camels the babies of a mother camel?” (Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)

Unfortunately today ‘lying’ has turned into a form of celebration and many consider it a custom of “fun” and “modernization” became trend. It’s a time when the concept of lies and falsehood in the guise of jokes and pranks are played and laughed at the expense of other friends. It’s a root csuse of bed charchter. As many are not serious about it and lies becomes the norm of their lives, impressing other by telling lies later hurting their trust and sentiment. It’s very danger in all sect of life, be it family, social, political and religion point too.

Whereas Allah as well as His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad pbuh have cursed upon those who lie –

“….Curse of Allah upon those who lie” (Chapter 3, Surah Al-Imran and verse 6)

• “Woe to him who tells things, speaking falsely, to make people laugh thereby. Woe to him! Woe to him!” [Tirmidhi]

• He is not a liar who says some good things and conveys good comments to reconcile among the people.(Bukhari and Muslim)

It may be cool but it’s not in the records of an ideal culture and definitely not the least worthy or progressive. It may be justified as a way of entertainment and laugh from a monotonous routine but an ideological society enjoys too in the most idyllic terms.

In simple words, the party that glorifies the concept of truth is correct and the party which strives to glorify the concept of lies and falsehood, even for a moment in a day, is obviously in the wrong and towards an unsure future.

May God make us amongst the truthful. May Allah make us among those who uphold the ethics and standards taught to us by our beloved Prophet pbuh.


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