Muslim vs Moderate Muslim

Followers of Islam are called Muslims, the name has been given by our creator. [“Allah named you “Muslims” Qur’an : 22 : 78].  That’s the true identiy of bei g Muslim. The word Islam and Muslim is derived from the root word of  “s-l-m  / س- ل- م”  means peace and submission. A person who believes in Allah and practice Islam completely is called Muslim, these people are committed with their religion.There are only two category believers and non-believers, Muslim and non-Muslim. With the passage of time, many term have been introduced for Muslim and Islam like liberal Muslim, Moderate Muslim, Extreme Muslim, Radical Muslim due to the rise of Islamphobia.

Those who claim to be moderate Muslim, are more inclined towards secularism but it’s not like cherry-picking in the religion if islam. It’s universal religion, all are equal and have equal rights and duties. Actually these so called modern or moderate muslim have a great impact and influence of modern culture and society leading them to deny or reject some commands of Islam trying to delude themselves. According to RAND coperation an American thank tank which is one of the influential think tank in America it’s recommendations are implemented. This thank tank after studying the Muslims classified them into four categories

1- Fundamentalist : One who treats the Islam as A deen a complete way of life in all aspects. And according to this thank tank they are biggest threat for the Western notions, therefore eradicate their roots.

2- Traditionalist : These are mostly the people who are taking about the Islamic traditions.The thank tank suggests that make them busy in internal matters and if the traditionalists and fundamentalists joined then it is very dangerous for the western notions.

3- Modernists : These are the people who are influenced by the western ideas and according to this thank tank provide them means and support them through various ways.

4- Secularists : These people are also not threat for use and use use them provide them plate forms.

Apart from this there are various agencies in the world who are working to divert the Muslim from mainstream islam.  There is a program under the shadow of many secret agency which is called Muslim leadership instative programme who key aim is to dialute the original Islamic thought.

The matter of fact, “The Muslim is Muslim”. No additional name is required to define Muslim. All such labels have been created by the modern secular people to fulfill their own agendas. There are many views about Islam and Muslims based on the media (who is trying to misleading people by portraying the dark image of islam) creating lot of confusion about Islam. It’s high time we need to remove the misunderstandings of Islam and replace it with correct understandings of islam and Quran.

May Allah Guide us better.


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