Surah Baqarah and Surah Ale-Imran are together known as Az-zahrawain. Both the Surah compliment each other, quite unique in style and context, are mostly focused on Imaan and Islaam. Have many similiarity. Both start with the letters of the Arabic alphabet, called Huruf Muqatta’at. Ends with the most merciful supplications.

Abu Umamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Recite the Quran, for on the Day of Resurrection it will come as an intercessor for its reciters. Recite (Az-Zahrawain) the two illuminated chapters, Surat al-Baqarah and Ali Imrān, for on the Day of Resurrection they will come as two clouds, or two shades, or two flocks of birds pleading for those who recited them. Recite Surat al-Baqarah as there is blessing in it, there is sorrow in leaving it, and the sorcerers cannot confront it.” (Source: Sahih Muslim)




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