How do I dispose off an old Al-Quran?

Old Quran could be sent to Islamic library, Mosque or Madrasa where people will read it and you will get (صدقۂ جاریہ) Perpetual Charity, a deed that always keeps benefiting people, even after the person’s death (building a mosque, water well, Islamic centre/ hifz Quran, planting trees). If it’s not in good condition then below is the last option to dispose the Quran in a way so that its honour and respect is retained.

Islamic teachings about the disposal of Quran largely falls into below these main options, which are all ways of returning the material naturally to the earth: burying, placing it into flowing water, or burning.

BURYING : With this method of disposal, the Quran is to be wrapped in cloth to protect it from the soil, and buried in a deep hole. This should be done in a place where people would not normally walk, often on the grounds of a mosque or even a graveyard. According to most scholars, this is the preferred method.

PLACING IN FLOWING WATER : It is also accepted to place the Quran in flowing water so that the ink is removed from the page.

Burning : Most Islamic scholar agree that burning old copies of the Quran, in a respectful manner in a clean place, is acceptable is a last resort.

This will wipe away the words, and disintegrate the paper naturally. Some scholars recommend weighing down the book or papers (tying them to a heavy object like a stone) and casting them into a flowing river or sea. One should check into local regulations before following this method.

Allah knows best.


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