Quran is against Terrorism

Quran doesn’t encourage terrorism. But instead Peace. The prevalent message of the Quran is one of peace and tolerance but it allows self- defence.

To understand the Quran, we have to keep in mind the historical events that occurred at the time of reveltion, important instruction from Allah (in some veres) over the period of 23 years, many events took place, people’s belief, mind set was changed with time, It’s the correct way to understand the Quran in its true perspectives. Even Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his companions fought against injustice as they were attacked by the people who were not letting the Prophet pbuh to establish justice on earth which was Allah’s mission who had sent His Messenger ( Muhammad ) with guidance and the religion of Islam. Therefore, the fighting ordained by Allah in the Qur’an is the fighting to establish justice and security in the land, and this is a duty upon all human beings. We will always hope for peace, but we must realize that without justice, freedom, rights and equity, peace will never be able to survive. However fight (combat) for the Truth is the highest good of human existence.When Prophet pbuh migrated to Madina with his companion but the people of Quraish kept on attacking them. Prophet Muhammad pbuh did not initiate agression against anyone. The Muslims were commanded to stand up for their religion and defend themselves against the persecution of their enemy. Again, if we examine the historical context, we also find that this is referring to those who attacked the Muslims continuously. This led to battle of Badr it was defensive battle as Quraish initiated the battle..complete surah Anfaal is the description of battle of Badar. So there were four major battles e.g battle of Badr, Battle of Uhad, Battle of Khanda (trench), Battle of khaiyber ..these description details are there in some chapter..There are many sura e.g surah Anfaal, surah Tawbah, surah Muhammad surah Saff etc..which gives the details and discription of war how to handle in such situations whereas in some verses Allah criticised (sura Ale-Imran), commanded and advised to the believers that Any greates weakness can be overcome if you have the courage to deal with it properly it’s a source of strength for the Belivers for all times. For that Allah gave the instructions in Quran.

Allah always encourage to reconcile with enemy but if opponents attack so you can do counter attack. “So do not surpass them,” i.e. “do not exceed them. … not permissible for a person to transgress the boundaries of Allah”. The narrations and verses explained in the Quran are frequently misquoted by those who seek to malign Islam and spread hatred towards its followers. Quran was revealed in certain historic circumstances, in which there was a war between the Islamic state on different occasions on four different fronts: the Romans, the Persians, the pagans of Arabia, and the Jews of Madinah. So, the historic context of the revelation of Quranic verse is a situation of war between Muslims and their opponents. After Islam prevailed in Mecca so those enemy became honourable Companion of Prophet pbuh and “The Defender of Islam”. So this ruling could not be applied, if as and when such situations arises so these are the limitation from Allah one must not cross it.

There are many verses in the Quran that go against the idea of terrorism. Some of these verses include “fight in the way of Allah those that fight you but do not transgress limits for god does not love transgressors.” This basically means do not fight except in self defense and even in doing so do not go beyond defense. Another verse states “if they seek peace, then you seek peace,” which means do not attack people for no reason or kill innocent people.

Islam prohibits terrorism, unlawful acquisition of property of others, causing harm to innocent human beings. Islam rejects all forms of violence. Terrorist have no religion.They kill indiscriminately.They use the name of religion to justify their atrocities, and thus bring a bad name to religion.

Help the oppressor by preventing him from oppressing others

Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Support your brother whether he is an oppressor or is being oppressed.” It was said, “O Messenger of Allah, we help the one being oppressed but how do we help an oppressor?” The Prophet said, “By seizing his hand.

In another narration, the Prophet said, “By restraining him or preventing him from committing injustice, for that is how you support him.” (Source: Sahih Bukhari)


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