Conquest of Makkah


“Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was that at Makkah – blessed and a guidance for the worlds”. (Quran 3 : 96)

The Peace Treaty of Hudaibiyah was signed in the 6th year of Hijrah. It was an agreement between Quraysh and Muslim that there would be no war between them and there would be peace between the Muslims and the Quraysh for a period of ten years from the that date onwards.  The Quraysh violated the treaty within one year  and hence according to the treaty there would be recompenstion for the breaking of the treaty. And so in the justice for the betrayal of the Quraysh, the Prophet pbuh peacefully conquered the Kabah in Makkah without shedding any blood while the Quraysh were unable to face them off so they surrendered.

It was Allah’s command upon the Prophet pbuh that he had to establish and implement the religion of Abraham AS and clear the kabah (which Abraham AS had constructed) from falsehood, idol worship and ignorance. And perform the worship which Allah had commanded. To plant the seed of the last and final utopia or deen (a way or way of life), the construction of the kaba on earth was commanded by Allah as a symbol of monotheism to be implemented as the way of life on earth and to represent the singularity or oneness that bounds all creation.

The deen of Ibrahim AS was the the deen of Adam, Noah, Moses and Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon all of them). It was the same deen/religion which was to be treated and evolved over time. Allah chose the kaba as the place which would be blessed and pure from falsehood and impurity to manifest the deen which was perfected and revealed to Muhammad pbuh as the final legislation until life on earth. The uropia that Islam upholds is a gift of guidance and a criterion for mankind and thus it needed physical application because Allah says that the legislation and structure of faith is not only an abstract or spiritual concept but it is to be applied at ground reality. And that in as much reality the  physical universe exists in truth, the Qur’an says that this legislation is as much real and true as the existence of this universe. To trigger this spring of Islam on ground reality for mankind,  before its application and realtion to sprituality and philosophy, Allah ordained Abraham to build the kabah as a representation of God’s preferable code of conduct for human life, which is to believe in one singular entity is in control and the source of of all, which we call now it as monotheism.

Allah chose the kaba to be the place from where the mission would restart and proceed. To erase all fabrications in the oneness of God by previous generations and civilizations, and for the fact the mankind could be witnesses that there prevails the worship of one God, the kabah had to be first cleansed from the acts of ignorance and to purify its custodians. Also to prepare the future genrations to witness the promise of Allah  to be fulfilled that a place of worship which was built anciently is still in our present reality, a place where a way of life” is implemented and manifested so that whoever may will may join the believers and display their honour of being in submission and in surrender to monothesiem and God. To present date there are visible evidences and observable miracles to be witnessed in the holy mosque as as sign of God’s majesty and His presence.

Just like how the whole universe depicts and represents the symbol of oneness by their behaviour which is that each of them(atoms, stars galaxies, etc) are in continous circulation in an anti clockwise manner. Allah commands the people to circulate around the house as a symbplic representation of joining all other creations in the same act, which is representing oneness and a singularity. The kaba is just a symbol for direction for it is just a wall of bricks upon which people even stand and pray and which was rebuild before, it is not an idol or diety being worshipped.

Makkah, The city in which the Kaaba, the first symbol of the oneness on the earth, was located… “The first House (of worship) of Allah”. Kabah was the centre of trade business and pilgrimage since the time it was built and hence it was the headquarter of makkah sow whatever code of conduct it’s custodians practiced would influence and be practiced by those dwelling or visiting the place. The kabah was in the control of the Qurayshi, who lived far away from the belief of oneness.  So the Prophet Muhammed pbuh conquered Makkah for God willed that this symbol be purified back to its original motive with physical application.

God the designer of the universe and earth has chosen Kabaa as 5he place of pilgrimage. Only recently has man discovered the design of universe : ” The Golden ratio” And he is left bewildered when he finds that the golden ratio of earth is mecca and Quranic verse (Quran Ale-Imran 3: 96) also contains verses in golden ratio. This makes man astonished and wonder to find that Kabaa is central place of earth. VerilIslam is a true religion and Quran is word of God.

Allah is the only Truth.


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