Islam and Media

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It goes without saying that understanding the positive aspects impossible without kniwing the negative aspects which helps us to know the good and bad result of it. Then only one can approve or negate something. Indeed, the more you understand, the more you may be able to critique or praise. This age of information and technology where people use reason and knowledge to justify what needs to be, islam has to be approached which this very same adavnced insight, keeping away the baisness which has been created by the fabricators and misinterpreters/limited understanding mentalities, through media and other graceful mediums into the masses since the past few decades, they just belive what is portrayed because there is a lot of misinformation and falsely/wrongly understood principles and ignorance regarding the understanding and perception of the religion. It has been limited to the term “religon” as stated by our society, it is more than that, code of life i.e an art and secret of living and a life itself by the inner and outer perspective of human beings.



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