Prophet Muhammad: “The Best Example”

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This is the age of communication where everything is accessible on Internet by providing every minutes details. Biography of the Prophet pbuh are open on Internet, anyone can can study about His Lifestyle, His Character, His Family Life and Social Life, His Political Life too. But it often provides wrong information and portray the wrong image of Him. While researching on religion doctrine, people should need to refer authentic source of the religion then only get a true facts.

The Character and Personality of Prophet Muhammad pbuh is our role model. He was of beautiful character like his name Muhammed means the praiseworthy/commendable (pbuh). Prophet Muhammad pbuh has been sent for the whole mankind. It’s the right of everyone to know about His life and character. “And indeed, you are of a great moral character”. (Quran 68 : 4) The life of the Prophet pbuh has been said by his wife, Aisha RA to be like “a walking Quran”.. embodying the Laws of Almighty God.

Say, “If God had so wished, I would not have recited it to you, nor would He have brought it to your knowledge. Indeed, I have spent a whole lifetime among you before it came to me. How can you not use your reason?” (Quran 10:16)

According to this Quranic verse, the Prophet’s life was an open book. No chapter of his life’s book was hidden from his fellow and companion. Everyone was well aware of His day and night activity. Yet his worst enemies could not find any weakness in his spotless charchter. There was no contradiction between his private life and his public life. This was not simply a personal matter. It had great social value.

Leading a blameless life and having execllent qualities made one predictable and encouraged others to accept one as a trustworthy person. Thanks to having such a flawless character, the Prophet pbuh belong such a noble image in Mecca that people gave him the very exceptional title of Al-sadiq, Al-amin, that is, truthful and trustworthy. Moreover He was also respected for his insight and wisdom.. “And (have We not) exalted for you your renown” ? (Quran 94 : 4)

Any examination of the Prophet’s pbuh life shows that his attitude toward life was not one-dimensional but multi- dimensional attitude and role. For example He(pbuh) had various roles: a prophet, a head of state, an army commander, a soldier, and a trader. He prays, fasts, prays during the night, lives in a state of constant devout prayer and contemplation, and remembers Allah. A modest leader, caring husband, concern for the sick, loyal to his friends, affectionate with children etc. The Quranic verse is the clear evidence that, the Prophet of Islam Muhammad pbuh lived an exemplary life.

“You have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allah, for all who put their hope in God and the Last Day and remember Allah much”. (Surat al-Ahzab :21)

One of the purposes of message of Muhammad was to establish excellent manners and character traits. The Prophet Muhammad in one saying said:

“I was sent for no other purpose except to perfect character”.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh was the epitome of nobility, mercy and humanity. We need to inculcate these virtues and qualities of Prophet pbuh I’m ourselves. And thus, he is the source of guidance for the entire mankind; he stood as a model; an obedient servant of God and a trusted deliverer of the divine message in all walks of life. In fact, loving the Prophet (pbuh) is one of the obligatory duties in Islam, without which the faith is incomplete – The Prophet (pbuh) said, “None of you truly believes until I am more beloved to him than his father, his child and all the people.” [Bukhari]





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