The Good Tree !


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Just Ponder over it !

“What if the “roots” are wrong, would you still cling to them for your own loss? Isn’t it advisable and rational to change for good ” ?

The same thing Qur’an states-

“And when it is said to them: “Come to what God has revealed and unto the Messenger” They say: “Enough for us is that which we found our forefathers following”, (Why), even though their forefathers had no knowledge and no guidance?” (Qur’an 5:104)

This is a meaningful verse of the Quran where God is provoking mankind’s intelligence for them to give thought and discover the reality on their own. The beauty of Islam is that our action or deeds are followed from knowledge acquired. So seeking knowledge is compulsory in Islam upon every individual. You grow spiritually and intellectually with Islam. When a human is concious by himself, he perceives God in the best possible way.

On the contrary, when we just follow apparent rituals and customs. These things doesn’t fulfill our spiritual void and doesn’t serve the actual purpose of our prayers. As the spirit and nature of man is charmed by Truth and Certainty. While obtaining the true knowledge, it provokes our reason along with rationality which ultimately inspires us to do good acts as well as satisfies our inner soul. The true light will illuminate our innern self, which will reflect our surrounding too. Others too will benefit from it. It’s very difficult to forsake everything for the sake of God. But it’s the power of truthfulness that make the seeker brave and bold.

Roots will determine the fruits you will bore. If you cling onto unhealthy roots sure enough there will be decayed and spoilt flowers as its produce. You reap what you sow. If you want your generations to be on the straight path it is essential you follow the truth and not blindly follow rituals from your fathers and fore fathers. As when our teachings are based on true knowledge then we will be saved from all kinds of misguidance by removing wrongs/practices is surely a good thing just like eradication of any evil. But, only the correct and most reasonable method should be used. When we give all this a thought with an open mind then it reveals the truth to us.

Every individual is a unique creation of God. Each has his own story and thus own truths and realities. But God says there is one straight path, and that is the path of righteousness and humanness. Like a tree which has many branches. Every branch grows to further sprout more branches, reaching away from the trunk in its own path. Though every branch is moving in different directions and dimensions, they are all belonging to that One Tree of righteousness. Every man may claim his truth be more accurate or his own idealogy of perfect being. The Qur’an does not support that, the Qur’an is a reminder of the one path, to urge mankind to cling only towards the path of righteousness.

However God send down different religions and legislations for different times and civilizations and species, preaching the same old concept of righteousnes (doing good, refraining from evil). However man’s vices was his very test for him, thus he manipulated scriptures and religions over time for wordy power and superiority (political, economical, etc increase and power), to the point that the roots and histories of those divine scriptures (which is now made to seem mystical and legendary but was not, but a certain reality that information and relations that were beyond the works of human existed in the form of Prophet, scriptures) were erased and changed completely thus had infected and illusioned the root.

The Qur’an is the only piece of work or art of its kind, that still remains unchanged till this very day. The Qur’an encourages each to construct their realities and path as per the core principles of the Qur’an, in their own unique way. And for that there is a manual protocol that is to be followed to represent this “rerooted legislation and art of living”. For man to enjoy the righteous realities as per their circumstance and situation with reason and thought. Though each will have his own unique way but will yet belong to the same Tree of humaneness.

Just like every human being has his own unique Identity yet belongs to the same one human species, thus every righteous believer has his own unique reality but will have to represent his belonging to the reformed and upgraded strata of civilization, which God has established through the Prophet Muhammad pbuh as the fold of Islam. Even though there will be variety and delusion even in this very new community, yet it has to be embraced as much as one is able and participate in representing the last revealed divine tree i.e Islam.

True Guidance is clear from falsehood.


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