Glimpses from the Life of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

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“And indeed, you are of a great moral character”. (Quran 68 : 4) The life of the Prophet pbuh has been said by his wife, Aisha RA to be like “a walking Quran”.. embodying the Laws of Almighty Allah.

According to this Quranic verse, the Prophet’s life was an open book. His character was known to everyone in minute detail. No chapter of his life’s book was hidden from his fellow and companion. Yet his worst enemies could not find any weakness in his spotless charchter. There was no contradiction between his private life and his public life. This was not simply a personal matter. It had great social value. Leading a blameless life and having execllent qualities made one predictable and encouraged others to accept one as a trustworthy person. Thanks to having such a flawless character, the Prophet pbuh belong such a noble image in Mecca that people gave him the very exceptional title of Al-sadiq, Al-amin, that is, truthful and trustworthy. Moreover He was also respected for his insight and wisdom..“And (have We not) exalted for you your renown” ? (Quran 94 : 4)

Any examination of the Prophet’s pbuh life shows that his attitude toward life was not one-dimensional but multi- dimensional attitude and role. For example He(pbuh) had various roles: a prophet, a head of state, an army commander, a soldier, and a trader. He prays, fasts, prays during the night, lives in a state of constant devout prayer and contemplation, and remembers Allah. A modest leader, caring husband, concern for the sick, loyal to his friends, affectionate with children etc… Biography of the Prophet pbuh are open on Internet, anyone can can study to know the details of His Lifestyle, His Character, His Family Life and Social Life, Hi Political Life. Then obviously he will realise that “Indeed He was a Mercy to Mankind”. 

Let’s explore some interesting facts about Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

● Concern for Ummah : Abdullah bin Umar narrated that the prophet pbuh recited the verse in which Ibrahim pbuh is invoking Allah:“O my Lord, they [the idols] have indeed led astray many among mankind. But whoever follows me, he verily is of me. and whoever disobeys me, still you are indeed Most Forgiving, Most Merciful”[Surah Ibrahim, 14: 36].

In another verse, Isa pbuh is invoking Allah:“If you punish them, they are Your slaves, and if You forgive them, verily You-only You are the Almighty, the All-wise” [Surah Ma’idah, 118].

And the prophet pbuh then raised his hands and said,Allahumma! Ummati! Ummati! (O Allah! my ummah! my ummah!)’ and then he started crying – out of concern for his followers, just like Ibrahim and Isa pbut were concerned for their followers.[Muslim #202 and others]

The fear of accountability in front of Allah: Abdullaah ibn Mas’ood r.a narrated tha The Prophet pbuh told me: ”Recite the Quran for me.” I said: “How shall I recite the Quran for you while it was revealed to you?” He replied: “I like to hear it from others.” So, I recited Chapter An-Nisaa’ [Quran 4] and when I reached the Saying of Allaah (which means): {So how [will it be] when We bring from every nation a witness and We bring you, [O Muhammad], against these [people] as a witness?} [Quran 4:41], he said: “Stop now.”; then I found his eyes were overflowing with tears.” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim].“

Parental warmth and affection: Anas bin Malik reported that: The Messenger of Allah pbuh entered the room and we accompanied him… And Ibrahim breathed his last. The eyes of Allah’s Messenger pbuh were filled with tears. Abdur Rehman Ibne Auf said: ‘you are weeping, O Messenger of Allah pbuh. He pbuh replied: “Ibne Auf, This is mercy”. Then he pbuh said: “Our eyes shed tears and our hearts are filled with grief, but we do not say anything except that by which Allah is pleased. O, Ibrahim we are sorrowful due to your separation.”

● Rights and duty towards parents : Abu Huraira says: “The Prophet pbuh visited the grave of his mother and wept and made others weep too.” (Sahih Muslim)

● Trust in Allah : It was narrated that ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab r.a said: “Some prisoners were brought to the Messenger of Allah pbuh , and there was a woman among the prisoners who was searching (for her child). When she found her child she embraced him and put him to her breast. The Messenger of Allah pbuh said to us, ‘Do you think that this woman would throw her child in the fire?’ We said, ‘No, by Allah, not if she is able not to.’ The Messenger of Allah pbuh said, ‘Allah is more merciful to His slaves than this woman is to her child.’” (Agreed upon)

Respect for humanity: Qais ibn Sa’d reported: A funeral passed by the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, and he stood up. It was said to him, “It is a Jew.” The Prophet said, “Was he not a soul?” (Buhkari)

Importance of knowledge : The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “O Abu Hurairah. Learn about the inheritance and teach it, for it is half of knowledge, but it will be forgotten.This is the first thing that will be taken away from my nation. (Ibn Majah)

Prophet pbuh’s mercy towards Orphan :Proohet pbuh was going to Eid Salah in the company of his companions. They were walking and chanting the Takbeer. “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar”.

And the streets of Medina Munawara were echoing in “Allahu Akbar”.

Everyone was excited and dressed nicely and everyone had their perfume on.

Prophet pbuh suddenly saw a young child sitting on the side with his face buried on his hand and he’s crying away.

Prophet (pbuh) stopped and told the companions” You may continue and I will join you later.”

He went to the child, he sat next to him on the side of the street.

He patted him on the back and said: Young child, why are you crying?”

The young child said ,”Today is the day of Eid. And all the young children are holding their father’s hand and they are going for Eid Salah. My father was matyred in the battle of Uhud. I have no father. There is no father’s hand for me to hold”.

And he continue to sit there crying on the side of the street.

He said, “Leave me alone, let me sit here and cry while the rest of the world enjoys itself”.

Prophet pbuh said to this child “If you are crying, Muhammad will also not celebrate the day of Eid”.

Prophet pbuh held the child’s hand and he said, “While all the children are holding the hands of their fathers, you will hold the hand of Muhammad (pbuh). And from today onwards you will never say you do not have a father. From today onwards Muhammad is your father and Aisha r.a is your mother.”

Prophet pbuh then walked with the child, gave him a bath then all the way up to the place of Eid Salah and when Prophet pbuh was giving the Khutbah, he had this child sitting on his thigh (in another narration he had the child sit on his shoulders).

The Quranic verse is the clear evidence that, the Prophet of Islam Muhammad pbuh lived an exemplary life and was sent as “A MERCY FOR MANKIND AND ALL OTHERS”.

“You have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allah, for all who put their hope in Allah and the Last Day and remember Allah much”. (Surat al-Ahzab :21)

May Allah help us to follow the sunnah of our beloved Prophet PBUH.


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