Balancing the Duniya and the Akhira !


“But you prefer the worldly life, (87 :16)

While the Hereafter is better and more enduring”. (87 :17)

The term Duniya is derived from the Arabic root word “Daani” which literally means something which is low, lowly, insignificant, something of inferior value, or worthless, etc. When used in the Islamic context, the word and term Duniya signifies the place, time and/or life of this short and transitory world.

we are warned about this in the Qur’an, Ever think of the results of your worldly efforts?

“It will be, on the Day they see it, as though they had not remained [in the world] except for an afternoon or a morning thereof.” (79: 46)

The term Akhirah is derived from the Arabic root word “Akhr” which literally mean something which will transpire next or later; and when used in the Islamic context it signifies the everlasting and eternal place, time and/or life of the Hereafter, or the inevitable life after death.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said : “He who loves his dunya hurts his Akhirah, and he who loves his akhirah hurts his dunya. Therefore you should give preference to the one that lasts over the one that is to perish.” [Hakim in Mustadrak]

The number of times the words, “world” (dunya) and “hereafter” (akhira) are repeated is also the same: 115.. It could be one of the mathematical miracle but Allah want us to pay heed this important issues because our akhira is very much related to our Duniya..

Duniya is just a short and temporary journey, the actual destination is Akhira. So if we are inclined towards the Dunya which is temporary with endless desires, it will surely drag us towards evil deeds, filth, destructions, hell whereas if we are inclined towards the Akhira this belief will change the total perspective of our life, will take us to righteousness, goodness and towards heaven. Since we can see this worldly life but Akhirah is unseen reality. So we get deceived by it. If we want success in Akhira so we should live this worldly life as per God’s order. Our Akhira depends entirely on the way we live and how we spent our days and nights.

“Verily the Dunya is coming to an end, and the akhirah is coming to a beginning. For Verily today there is action with no account and tomorrow there’s account with no action.” [Ali bin Abi Talib RA]

So the question arises that should we abandon this life to earn akhira ? Then the answer is “NO” just as; if an intelligent child decides to stop going to school as there are many bad boys are around so who is gonna be a loser the intelligent child or mischievous child? Obviously the intelligent child. He should focus on his studies and avoid those bad boys. Same rule would be applied for this worldly life, because the provision for Akhira will have to be earned in this life only.

Our success and failures in the hereafter entirely depends on our deeds so our mindful and constant worry should be Akhira. We people are very keen to calculate our profit and loss..The reward of tge Akhira is completely profitable and confirmed whereas our efforts and struggle for this worldly life has not been sure we may get or why not start investing our ability, money or time to earn Jannah. It would be very unfortunate for a person to put his akhira on stake for the benefits of this temporary world or for other people.

When we are getting attached or engrossed to the dunya then we don’t have time for Salah, Qur’an, for good deeds. Sometimes we are so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t notice and differtiate between Halal and Haraam just to accumulate more and more wealth. We should live this life as per God’s command will not only give us success in this life but Inshallah in the hereafter too.

“Ships don’t sink because of water around them but because water gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down”. So never get too busy making your life that you forget your afterlife. So let’s  focus on Akhira, accumulate our good deeds as much as possible because the life of Aakhira is eternal and forever, whatever is written in our fate weather more or less of this worldly life, that will reach or befall upon us anyhow.

We all are just travellers in this world, where, we have come to make ourselves worth that Nobility i.e Paradise which was the purpose of this earthly life. What we are experiencing as life right now is not even a handful of the amount of intellect that was meant for us. But to aquire that greater and immortal experience, we are put to test to make us worthy of it, and it’s judgement is upon us. What we expect of ourselves, weather goodness or evil greed, depends totally upon us.

This conciousness is our test, this is what we are made to taste, and every moment of our thought and concious mind is being recorded, to see what we choose constantly, so that we are deserving and noble enough to acquire that noblest concious experience to live and remain with our Creator until eternity. It is we who will bear the fate of our own consequences. Only we our selves are responsible for our righteousness and evil doing. And Allah is in constant observation of each every movement made conciously. Only He can forgive and grant more. And He will recompense every evil and good deed on the promised Day of Judgement i. e beginning of Akhirah.

When we will get the true realisation that we are traveller and the ultimate aim of a traveller is to get his work done and return home peacefully. His aim is not to settle here permanently. He always has a return ticket in clutch. We too posses a return ticket with us, the only different is, we are unaware of its time and date. The day we were born, our return open ticket too is destined. Let not the charm of this world deceive us ..When we realise how little time there is, and much to do then our days and night will change. Definitely we will reflect the life from different angle and from different spectrum.

“O God, our Lord! Give us that which is good in this life, that which is good in the Hereafter and save us from the torment of the Fire”.



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