Qur’an and Sunnah


Quran : The holy Qur’aan is a divine book revealed on our Prophet Muhammad pbuh. ALLAH speaks directly to us in the Qur’aan. He addresses the prophet and us directly it’s the word of God.. Quran is a direct instruction from Allah ..Book of guidance, law for the Humanity and way of life. It was revealed in Arabic language .. most of the part is in Poetic or Rhythmical form was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Quran was revealed gradually i.e. few ayats at a time and completely it took over a period of 23 years (approx.). The Quran today is as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H). Quran’s recitations is used in forms of worship such as Salaah (the prayers). Prayer is a sort of communication between Allah and his slaves. When we pray salah, it is as if we talk to the Almighty Allah and when we read the Quran, it is like Allah talks to us. When we read the quran and perform Salaah we feel more spiritually connected to Allah. And your Lord said, “‘Call on Me, I will respond to you.”’ –[The Holy Quran 40:60]

Salaah is incomplete if the some part of the quran is not recitatied ..Surah fateha is compulsory in every Salaah. Quran is divided in thirty Para, furthermore there are 114 chapter or Sura. Surah are duvided in ruku. There are seven Manzil if person want to complete the Quran in seven days so he /she can read Manzil wise in seven days.

Hadith : Hadeeth (حدیث) is an Arabic world, its plural form is Ahadeeth (احادیث), and it means statements narrated from someone whose authority is obvious in the first place, like the holy prophet himself, peace be upon him, or a report given from his behavior in different situations. There are two kinds of Ahadith,

Hadith Qudsi and Hadith Nabawi

Hadith Qudsi : The indirect instruction from Allah but in the words of the Prophet pbuh in Arabic language. It is not used in forms of worship. So Hadith Qudsi is nothing but Allah’s commands.

Hadith Nabawi : The words of the Prophet pbuh in Arabic. It gives extra details and helps us to understand Islam, Quran and its instruction, and how to follow the order of the Qura like the forms of worship, rituals of Islam, e.g fasting, haj, and supllication which details is not in the quran. It can not be used in form of worship.

There are six major collections or books of Hadith:

Sahih Bukhari – صحيح بخاري, collected by Imam Bukhari (d. 870), includes 7275 ahadith

Sahih Muslim صحيح مسلم, collected by Muslim b. al-Hajjaj (d. 875), includes 9200 ahadith

Sunan An-Nasa’i سنن النسائي, collected by An-Nasa’i (d. 915)

Sunan Abu Dawood سنن أبي داود, collected by Abu Dawood (d. 888)

Jami al-Tirmidhi جامع الترمذي, collected by al-Tirmidhi (d. 892)

Sunan ibn Majah سنن إبن ماجه, collected by Ibn Majah (d. 887)

Unlike the Qur’an whose authenticity is accepted by all Muslims, a hadith may or may not be authentic. For Hadith one should rely on almost completely on the credibility of the chain or transmitters. So whenever we quote /post hadith .. check the authenticity of hadith which should contain the reference as well. Quran is the first source of islamic law while Hadith is second source of islamic law.

Your companion [Muhammad] has not strayed, nor has he erred,

Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination.

It is not but a revelation revealed, (53: 2/3/4)

May Allah make us amongst the companions of the Quran, the people who read, reflect over and act upon it. Ameen


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