The Marvellous Quran

2017-09-11 08.12.16

“Indeed, it is a glorious Quran. In a preserved master tablet”. (Quran 85:21-22)

The Quran is the only preserved book from man’s recorded history that will be appealing to the ages to come until the end of time. It is a clear book, which expresses free of needness and challenges any kind of opposition to its accuracy. It presents arguements for the intuitive mind of man and reveals to him a reflection of his own conciousness and ego, so as to confirm that it has been sent down and gaurded by none, except God, the Creator of All things.

The Quran is a legislation which clearly defines its ownself and speaks for itself, clarifying mankind’s previous assumptions and doubts and revealing to them the truth about man’s history as well as his present and future. It is sent down in the simplest of languages, making it the only book of its kind and category, in its orginal form that exists and has entered the phase of the “information age”. It compliments to the marvels of man’s ability in the future and thus guides man as to how to maintain justice to it.

The Quran presents examples and proofs of more than 2000 verses of science and many more for philosophy and psychology. Its style is one which is most significant, that is poetry. The wisdom of sending it to a land where ignorance prevailed is to reflect on the idea of its authenticity and that it wasn’t written down by imitation and dictation, in a land where there is scarce knowledge. This is to challenge mankind with the very tool he is advancing in, that is his language (which was arabic to the arabs) but the language of todays age is progressive information, and thus the Quran itself is a representative of progressive evolving information. Though it can derive the examples of all kinds of things, but only with sincere, rational, reasonable and intellectual understanding. Its meanings are perpetually evolving complimenting to all ages of time on earth.

The miracle chosen by God for the final call to mankind, was an intellectual miracle. Because that is what, with which he was to progress and meet the marvel he is to manifest on earth. And that itself would be sufficient for him to recognise God and what is God. So to provide for him the neccessary proofs and evidences for man to recognize. The Quran was sent as the greatest mriacle on earth. Which seems impossible. But it is a real certainty. Which is the attribute of God making the impossible into possible.

“Absolutely, we have revealed the reminder, and, absolutely, we will preserve it”. (Quran 15:9)

“This is an honorable Quran. In a protected book. None can grasp it except the sincere. A revelation from the Lord of the universe”.(Quran 56:77-80)


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