Brief Idea About Revelation.

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We are living in the 21st century where we need evidence to believe in anything. So it seems impossible for us to believe in it as no one has seen or experienced except the Messenger. How are we gonna believe in it ? And why ? This is a big question. Isn’t it ? Now let’s try to understand what is revelation. Why it is important for mankind ? God who created everything, then guided it [to its course]. Like how does a new born baby know the art of sucking milk from the mother’s breast, right after birth? Who taught the baby ? Who taught fish to swim in the water right after birth ? Who taught birds to fly ? They have not learned these things from any institutions or any school right? These are all natural instinctive abilities which directly guide them to survive or help themselves. But one of the most important guidance is required to know about the creator and his existence which is a concept of Metaphysics. Humans are unable to perceive these things.

Now the question may arise in our minds that what does God want from us ? What is our purpose in life? These questions need special guidance as human are selfish and mean by nature, the divine light or guidance only will help him to go through this undefined path of world as he can’t anticipates the future events. Revelation is a communication between God and his slaves. This guidance comes through various channels as per required. The creator of everything, makes Himself known to us and reaches us through His chosen Prophet. Prophets are the only people who can receive revelation of scriptures as the mediator of God and people. God has  the only authority to select the messenger, they are the chosen messenger of the Almighty God. The divine task was assigned to them who had been destined to deliver the message of God.

The method of Revelation : The first direct transfer of information i.e “Divine Speech” through Angel Gabriel. The second method of direct communication by God with His Prophets took the form of direct speech, in which the actual words of God were spoken to the Prophets.

Religious scriptures primarily aim to send guidance for mankind. It’s a reminder for the people to reflect over it. Religious books aim to guide man about the concept of the God. The theology should be clear and easy so that people of high and low intellect, both can understand and perceive it, as religious scriptures demand high character and reasoning, it guides humans to the ways which can build one’s character and solution for humanity because character is higher than intellect. The creator knows better about the Human Beings. Humans intellect’s main purpose is to know the concept of God. Any person can understand it in their own language.

God’s plan is for the betterment of humanity, more than what we think. The religious scripture’s aim is to guide mankind believing in one true God. Since the divine scriptures has been heavily corrupted and changed over time. People have forgotten or deliberately ignored the teachings of God, and have moulded and modified the religion as per their desires. Clearly, people have meddled with God’s Message time and again. That’s why God sent new Messengers with new Message to Guide the people back to His Straight Path. Islam is the Last Message, revealed to His Last Messenger on earth. Quran is the Last and Only Message of God, which is preserved in its original form. It brings all mankind towards a common and equal platform. Qur’an has described the God’s signs and attributes in a lucid language with clear evidence, which draw us more close to God while reading Qur’an. Hence, remembering and obeying the command of God become easy for us. Human speculation has no bounds that’s why we always had this need of a divine revelation to set all our affairs in the best way possible. God is One. The religion is also one. We have to worship only one true God, and follow His Rules. This is the final legislation for mankind.

Once a young man approached ‘Umar RA and asked, “Before you accepted Islam, you were incredibly brilliant. Why did you worship stones, dates and other things?”

‘Umar RA responded, “Because my brilliance did not have guidance.”

We should be thankful to God that He has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect therefore we “think, choose, feel, respond, initiate.”  Our talent and intelligent are the ability to do the things more efficiently but if we follow the God’s guidance then all our reasoning and response will automatically go in the right direction. So we should never under estimate our talent but talent without guidance can be harmful and create confusion. That is why we say seventeen times a day, “Guide us to the straight way.”

God knows best, He is the Source of All Guidance.


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