Salvation !

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Quranic Chapter Al-Asr portray the true concept of salvation. Imam Shafi has very rightly said that if people only considered this Surah well, it alone would suffice them for their guidance. “Indeed, man is in a state of loss, save those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other to hold on to truth and counsel each other to be steadfast”. (103 : 2/3) These four are minimum criteria for salvation which purify our soul, make us successful in both this world and the hereafter. Imam Razi has cited a scholar as saying: I understood the meaning of Surah Al- Asr from an ice-seller, who was calling aloud for the attention of the people repeatedly in the bazar: Have mercy on the one whose wealth is melting away! Hearing what he was crying I said to myself: this then is the meaning of  “By the time, Man is in a state of loss. The age-limit that man has been allotted is passing quickly like the melting away of ice. If it is wasted, or spent in wrong pursuits, it will be sheer loss to man.

Thus, the time is approaching when every individual would be accountable on that promised day. Those who denied shall witness their loss with their own eyes just like giving the verdict that poison is fatal for man even weather he believes it or not. Whoever will consume it will suffer serious damage. So every individual will come alone in front of God with their deeds. No currency, no ancestors, no relative or friend will be of help. Following are the way to get redemption as per Quran..

Belief and Faith in God is the root of salvation. The first thing to be established is trusting in God, in the unseen, for which God has provided enough proofs in the creation of the heavens and the earth, for a human to reason sense and believe that there has to be One supreme Being who brought all this in effect. Good work are surely can’t lead to salvation (Paradise ) without any faith.

Salvation = Faith +Good works + encourage Truth+ recommend Patience. 

Now as for one who did bad work , but he had faith, these people will surely get salvation because of their faith. As for the bad he did, he will get a punishment in Hell or God even forgive out of His mercy and he can get directly salvation. Therefore, after the truth being manifest to a person, it is obligatory for the person to reach out to people i.e “advice others to the Truth”. By Faith and righteous deeds man attains self-perfection; and by “advice others to the Truth” so that he will attain perfection to his community. The concept of calling others to truth and constantly striving for it, and if we do this job then we will ultimately save ourselves. Finally, advice one another to patience”. He has to necessarily remind these to others to get salvation. And, as for those who believe in God but did less good work his degree in paradise will be lower or God may elevate his status as He Wills.

Therefore, Islam does not believe in blind faith, but believes in logic, reasoning and proof to establish faith in God, the unseen (not witnessing God directly, for human beings are too fragile to fathom or grasp the being of God)!. Do righteous deeds because when one has faith then it should and will reflect in his deeds, just like a seed which is planted will grow buds as per it’s nature and texture. Similarly the seed of true faith is bound to grow righteousness and noble conduct, benefitting all creations and fighting against evil, which is even more important. That is when one is guided truly.

Thus, Islamic view of Salvation is Islam is to submit to God by following His Commands i.e to do what He has told, and to abstain from what He has forbidden us. He Does what He Wills, and He Commands what He wills. God is The All-Powerful, All-Wise. As every living thing shall taste death and will be ressurected on the Day of Judgment. And we will all stand before God then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. God is just and fair, He is the best Judge, everyone would receive the justice on the basis of their deeds. Everyone will be judged fairly in His court, and no one will be wronged (dealt with unjustly).

“And no bearer of burdens shall bear another’s burden.” (Quran 35:18)

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