Dawah, Way to Invite to God


The Arabic noun ‘Dawah’ comes from the stem (دعاء/d – aa – a) which has been coined to refer to many meanings, including inviting others to something, praying to God, or invoking someone or something. As you can see in that linguistic analysis, the word refers mainly to invitation, or calling someone for something. The word has been used to refer to introducing Islam to others and inviting them to study, learn, and read about it. It’s absolutely wrong to think that dawah means conversion. It basically means inviting someone to a cause, and in Islam it is basically guiding or Inviting someone to goodness or to the great reality of the Universe.

Aim and objective of Dawah is to deliver the true message of Islam to all humans, and have them decide knowingly rather than ignorantly. Islamic Dawah means introducing Islam to people, telling them the truth about its teachings, removing their misconceptions, and dispelling their fears. The main aim of this is basically living in an atmosphere of understanding and knowing each others’ belief. It’s a kind gesture towards humanity. Definitely, every soul is responsible for their deeds.

Hence every seeker of truth should be obliged to invite others also towards it, no matter how difficult it is ! Which is the prime responsibility of the Muslim. It is to be done only for the sake of God, no worldly benefit or reward, humble and compassionate approach is appreciated. Being Muslims it’s the most important duty as individuals and collectively as a nation (ummah) who is appointed to convey the message of God to others but if we neglect our responsibility then we will be accountable in the court of God.

And who is a greater wrong-doer than he who suppresses a witness entrusted to him by God (al-Baqarah 2: 140).


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