Love and Fear

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“Only those who fear Allah among His servants are those with knowledge. Verily, Allah is Almighty and Forgiving”.
(Surah Al-Fatir 35:28)

Human being is the best and noble creation of God because they are being blessed with the best perception and ability, can very well recognise his Sustainer, Creator and Provider. That’s why they will be accountable as given the best reasoning and understanding. Unlike animals who just follow their instinct since they are not accountable for their deeds. All creations of God except human and Jinns, are pre-programmed to submit to Him in obedience. The pre-programming has been done through the laws of nature and through animal instincts, so all the creation are willingly submit to God. They have no other choice except to surrender themselves.

Although, Human beings and Jinns have been exempted from this subjugation, enjoying the freedom to make choices and decisions and to choose to act differently than responding instinctively to a implus. He has to submit or surrender willingly or he can defies the authority of God can violate the law. The Quran clearly signifies that Satan became the cursed one due to denying the command of God whereas Prophet Adam immediately repented to God. The reason when he realised his mistake so he accepted it with humidity. Human beings are not just the components of physical body but they have emotional/spritusl body as well. Emotions generate our feelings. Similarly Love and fear are two forces in human body that give him balance in life. The very same relation need to be maintained with our Lord. Quran clearly states exactly the same in such a beautiful words.

“…But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah . And if only they who have wronged would consider [that] when they see the punishment, [they will be certain] that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is severe in punishment. (Quran 2 : 165)

The belivers never transgress the limits set by God.. the way a pendulum never exceed its limits. Love God more than anything in the world. Trying to appease Him in every possible way. Out of ardent love for Allah we fear his anger and His displeasure. Just as a submissive child who fears to disobey his parents, if he makes any mistake so never wants to repeats that mistake, out of fear to get punishment from them. However, when do something good, immediately share all the goodness with them as he do intentionally to please them, whereas parents always response and happy to encourage him.

Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, RA would say during his sermons: “The best provision is mindfulness of Allah, and the foundation of wisdom is the fear of Allah the Exalted”. (Source: Al-Jami’ As-Sagheer 1609, Grade: Hasan)

By loving God strongly which includes obeying His commands, fearing Him only, doing good deeds for the sake of Him only, abstaining all wrong deeds. Since they are accountable for all their deeds c’uz they will certainly meet Him on the day of judgments day. The concept of being accountable to Him direct or indirectly affect their behaviour, conduct, and moral in this world considering this life is temporary and God has made a great future plan for him so live this life as per God’s instruction and follow His guidance. Thus, these two most important feelings or emotions of man, i.e love and fear, are simultaneously making man a total submissive, perfect human being.

“O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him]”. (Quran 3: 102)

Ibn Al-Qayyim said: The heart on its journey towards Allah the Exalted is like that of a bird. Love is its head, and fear and hope are its two win When the head is healthy, then the two wings will fly well. When the head is cut off, the bird will die. When either of two wings is damaged, the bird becomes vulnerable to every hunter and predator. (Source: Madarij As-Salikeen )

Let us remember that our hearts are just like a bird on a journey to Allah in the Hereafter. Our love of Allah is the basis of our worship, and our fear and hope are like two wings that propel us along the straight path toward our final destination.

Success comes from Allah, and Allah knows best.



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