Recite in the Name of Your Lord !


Surah Alaq is the first revelation of the Quran

96:1 “Recite in the name of your Lord who created “-

Since Prophet Muhammed pbuh had been chosen as the final Prophet for a whole mankind, profound responsibility for preaching the truth. Prophet pbuh was unlettered, yet despite of that as a human being the Prophet pbuh had a very reflective mind. He retained the title of trustworthiness and honesty, He was also respected for his insight, wisdom and emotional intelligence. This was the ethical and spiritual character of Muhammad pbuh.

The quran is the Divine Speech. God emphasises the important aspect which is not just to recite or read the Quran, but to proclaim /deliver as well as to reflect upon it. If we ponder over the verse, will realise that secret that

“اقرأ باسم ربك الذي خلق “

“Recite in the name of your Lord who created” –

So here whatever in the Universe and whatever firm Knowledge are manifested, it is from the blessings of our Creator who wants us to know about his vast kingdom. It is not commanding to simply read whatever, it commands that whatever you read, it should be in the name of God (باسم )and for God. All creation are attached with Him (ب mean with). Because God created you and all what you read and gain the knowledge in the world. It’s the prominent theme to think deeply over this verse. It’s not just skills and teachings rather it’s the deepest reality of this Universe, that God is the only truth, eventually faith will enter into our heart as faith is not just an ordinary thing, its an affair of the heart.

It’s a matter of trust to belive that Absolute authority belongs only to God which is the first step to belive in God. One can never taste the divine essence of faith without recognizing and submitting to the grandeur and majesty of God. Man should know that he is a trustee appointed by God to fulfil his duty towards God. That’s the reason after receiving the revelation, Prophet pbuh never went to cave again, He pbuh struggled throughout His life to fulfil the commandment of God and (to read or) to proclaim the divine message. His mission was to spread the true and peaceful teachings of Islam.

Allah knows best.


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