“Prophet Muhammad pbuh” The chosen one..!

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“Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, RA, said, “Verily, Allah looked at the hearts of the servants and He found that the heart of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was the best among them, so He choose him for Himself and He sent him with His message”…….   (Ahmad)

Since he was the one chosen by Allah to convey the message of pure monotheism- Islam. Indeed he conveyed the meesage with divine commandments to all human being addressing to all humanity. And certainly, Prophet Muhammed pbuh, the messenger of Allah, deserves the praise for having completed the universal mission to all mankind. Hence, whoever seeks the Truth through Prophet Muhammed realises that Islam is a divinely ordained path for human life. Every essence of his teachings serves as guidance to Truth. His teachings constitute the most comprehensive, practical, sensible and truthful guidance to all the people in all walks of life in all conditions of human endeavour. The universe of his mission, therefore, makes him the world’s Greatest Prophet. Prophet muhammad was indeed the Mercy to all mankind. The best example to all and hence, the most praiseworthy of all Allah’s creature.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh was the only messenger and man in history whose entire life is fully preserved for mankind to learn from his example. He carried out the divine plan under God’s instructions and guidance. Although he was “Ummi” means “uneducated or unlettered ” that is, he learned nothing from any man. He was educated and guided by Allah very well. Allah had bestowed him with great wisdom. The noble life of the great prophet pbuh presented the true picture of the quranic teachings. He is a embodiment of all the virtues, which have been declared by the holy quran. The prophet pbuh was born to establish Peace and Unity in the world. He was successful in uniting so many races of mankind. He was the greatest messenger of peace who laid down the laws of securing peace with Allah our God, peace with man , peace with people and other religion.

We may hence perceive more precisely as how the prophet Muhammed has given a new life to the world when the world had gloomed into dark tunnels of ignorance. He changed everything and given the new life and order to the decaying humanity and changed the history of the world from the darkest era to the golden era of human civilization and moral height by giving light from the quran to the world. When humanity was in dire need of protection and help. The sun of guidance was born and entire universe was illuminated.

A historian once said , a great man should be judged by three test :

1. Was he found to be a true character by his contemporaries ?

2. Was he great enough to rise above the standard of his age ?

3. Did he leave anything as permanent legacy to the world at large ?

And Prophet Muhammed pbuh fulfilled all the criteria. He has been praised and appreciated not only by Muslims but also by those who don’t believe in Islam. Historian Michael S. Hart ranked the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as the most influential figure in history. The Quran itself bears witness to the fact that he is the most better person that’s the reason Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet.

“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often”. (Quran 33 : 21)


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