Does God Love All of His creations ?


“O mankind, remember the favor of God upon you. Is there any creator other than God who provides for you from the heaven and earth? There is no deity except Him, so how are you deluded? “ (Quran 35 : 3)

It must be noted that the above verse does not address Muslims exclusively, but begins with the inclusive address “O humankind” to embrace all humanity. It reminds humanity that they belong to one family. Same message gives the below mentioned hadith that all creation are like a God’s family.

The Messenger of Allah has said: “All creatures are God’s family; and God loves most those who treat his family well and kindly”. (Bayhaqi)

God is the universal Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all. Being the sole creator of all humankind God is One and is impartial toward His creation. “He has decreed upon Himself mercy” . He provides for all, including those who reject faith in Him, or even those who deny Him. God is everybody’s God even though if people don’t turn to Him.. God is continously in concern and protection of all beings no matter what. So God protects each and all but those who deny God as their protector, they have no where else to go as a refuge because all refuge is only in God.

God does not do any injustice to the creatures and order justice and good conduct to mankind. He gives equal opportunity and equal rights to every human being irrespective of his chosen belief and religion.. Finally, God will surely judge concerning his servants on the day of jugement. But in this life God will not forsake any human being. God provides rain and food and air to those who disbelieve in Him, and created everything on earth and in the heavens for the benefit of the human race. If He stops protecting then all will perish in an instant but Almighty God not only protecting but also has given the freedom so that we could recognise His bounty. Even God opens the door and make it prosperous for which they strive in this life.


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